Easy Pulled Pork

Change. We’ve all had some! There have been a couple hundred thousand of you who have voted by visiting my Pinterest account that you need thrifty, homemade food! So, starting today, I will be posting easy from-the-farm recipes more often until we all get through this. And because Lila gave me her large collection of vintage Midwest farm cookbooks, we are set for decades! (I’m not kidding…)

I’ve been in the grocery store enough to notice that there’s less meat to be had, and there is more pork available than beef. So as grandma would say, “Dance with the one who brung ya!”

Pulled Pork Recipe
3 ingredients. 3 steps!

Easiest Pulled Pork

Today’s recipe is Easiest Pulled Pork. It’s speedy-quick AND tasty! Three ingredients and three steps!

Easiest Pulled Pork

Tools you’ll need:


2 forks to shred meat

Platter to shred meat and serve


2-3 pounds boneless pork roast

1- 12 oz. can root beer

18 oz bottle of barbecue sauce

Place pork roast in the bottom of Crock-Pot. Pour root beer on top. Cook on low 6-8 hours. Remove the pork and shred it with 2 forks.

Drain liquid from cooking the roast and reserve ½ Cup of liquid. Put the shredded pork back into the Crock-Pot and pour liquid in. Add barbecue sauce and stir. Heat on low 30 minutes. Makes 8-12 servings.

Serve with buns and coleslaw on top of the pork if you like!

Pulled Pork Recipe
Yep! That easy!

Pulled Pork Cooking Notes:

I’ve written this before, but it bears repeating. I far prefer a Crock-Pot for slow cooking than using an Instant Pot for that task.

I’ve researched pulled pork recipes for decades, as my husband raised pork in non-confinement, allowing pigs to look up at the sky and hang with each other during those decades. This recipe is not only the easiest I could find, but is also very tasty!

If you haven’t cooked pork before, this is a great recipe to try first. Everybody likes barbecue and this recipe is no exception. Be sure to use your favorite barbecue sauce as it does have impact on flavor. You can also omit pouring in the barbecue sauce and only add a smidge to each sandwich. It’s your food. Your call.

When you remove the roast to shred, it will be so tender, you’ll be shocked as to how easy it is to shred.

Coleslaw is a welcome addition to barbecue and that seems to be available in the grocery store. You may be able to get your kids to eat it if you pile it on top of the meat like a condiment. Worth a try? Don’t yell at me if they don’t like coleslaw. That’s your own battle!

In the coming months I will continue to post recipes along with creating some posts about how to grow a garden with an easy compost method (like none) and no weeding. Yay!

Be Blessed!

Love to hear what you think!