About The Vintage Recipes

The recipes featured on this website are from my mom, Lila, who lived to the ripe old age of 92, or from Iowa church and village cookbooks, culled from old recipes handed down within families. I would describe the cookbook origin as small-town, but according to Wikipedia, a small-town has a population of around 1,000. These cookbooks come from areas MUCH smaller than 1,000!

If I use a Midwestern vintage recipe from an old published cookbook, I will cite the source and page number and link the book to Amazon. If it’s not available on Amazon, I’ll include a photo of the book and wish you luck finding it! All of the cookbooks have one thing in common; they are old!

Most recipes will not require more than a wooden spoon and a bowl and tend to call for ingredients that are real food, and less sugar than most current recipes.

I will list the tools needed at the beginning, so you can make quick work of the featured dish. Sometimes I will link different products that you might like to use. I just want to be helpful! With each posting, I will include an illustration and a photo of the finished product. Let’s have fun!