Why I Pray and Vintage Cherry Squares

Old woman in prayer

When you’re as old as Lila (age 91), you have wisdom. When Lila was in college in her 50’s, she asked her religion professor, Dr. David Hay, for a list of the most important books he had ever read. He gave her this list the following week. She read every book on the list and thousands more. I have Dr. Hay’s  list that she was given in 1981 on the bottom of this post. Links to these books are provided.

Lila wrote this poem in 1993.

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Grandmaternity Leave and Pineapple Fluff

Grandparent maternity leave

Grandmaternity Leave

Familyandfarming is taking a Grandmaternity Leave this November and December! We have a new grandchild!

Everyone is well. While Grandpa is dealing with 6 additional inches of snow, gnashing his teeth over the rationing of liquid propane , and dealing with the worst harvest conditions he’s dealt with in a decade, Grandma will be helping with the grandchildren.

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