Doing the Books and Chicken Noodle Soup

Doing the Books

There are those who believe in leveraging. You know, using debt to asset ratio, leaning heavily on the debt more than the assets. There are others who believe in using a pencil to figure out if you can pay for things with the income you have. No matter what your outlook on small or large farm business, you have to maintain the books. Farm taxes are due before the end of February. Gotta get things in order.

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Japanese Zen Snow Garden in Iowa and Oatmeal Meatballs

Snow in the winter. It’s a given in Iowa. It can start as early as October and can last until April. Snow days are built into the school calendar and four-wheel drive in your car or truck is a good thing to have. There were times when my husband had to drive ahead of my car with a tractor to blast a path through snow drifts in order for me to make my 28 mile drive to school. Here’s a photo I took on January 29 of my dear husband digging an unsuspecting driver out of a 4 foot high snow drift that developed in 3 hours in front of our house! Winter can be scary stuff when you live in the middle of nowhere!

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Early Darkness and Hot Orange Spice Tea and Chili

January-Early Darkness

It’s dark when you get up in the morning. It’s dark when you come home from work. Winter darkness. It creeps up on you. Before winter, you had the constant summer brightness, when a child’s eight PM bedtime feels like a mid-afternoon nap. Or an October sky, with a bright cerulean blue color tingeing everything you see.

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Chickens, It’s Cold Outside! Chicken Rice Roger


I have to profess my love. I love our chickens. We started raising chickens when my oldest daughter, now thirty-one, was in the fourth grade. She brought home her class project and we didn’t have a place to put it. So we built a small chicken house. A one thousand dollar chicken house for a $1.50 chicken. That turned out to be a rooster. I’m not kidding.

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