Mercy Hospital Art Show

The Gambler and Banana Bars

The Gambler

Decades ago I impulsively went to a garage sale at a house I drove by on my way to the grocery store twelve miles away. I was looking over the items on a table in the driveway. A man sauntered up to me. He had on a tight-fitting shirt unbuttoned to the middle of his chest. He wore diamond rings on each of his fingers and had gold chains displayed around his neck. He checked his gold watch for the time.

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Preparation is the Key! and Hannah’s Irish Soda Bread

Preparing Machinery for Planting

There are several pieces of equipment we use to put in the crop. For planting corn, we use a 9-shank John Deere chisel plow (1996), a 28-foot John Deere soil finisher (1988) and a John Deere 4-row planter (1985). We use three different tractors; a John Deere 4755 (1992), a John Deere 4040 (1980) and a John Deere 4440 (1979).

Planting beans requires all the equipment listed except a 450 John Deere bean drill (2000) is used instead of the corn planter.

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Doing the Books and Chicken Noodle Soup

Doing the Books

There are those who believe in leveraging. You know, using debt to asset ratio, leaning heavily on the debt more than the assets. There are others who believe in using a pencil to figure out if you can pay for things with the income you have. No matter what your outlook on small or large farm business, you have to maintain the books. Farm taxes are due before the end of February. Gotta get things in order.

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Why They Don’t Know How to Boil an Egg! and Deviled Eggs

Boil an Egg

Back in the day, if you wanted to say something unkind about the cooking skills of someone, you would say scornfully, “Why he/she doesn’t even know how to boil an egg!”

When I started cooking, I didn’t know how to boil an egg. This was before the internet. I had to look it up in a cookbook. Vintage.

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