Mercy Hospital Art Show

Mercy Hospital Art Show

Exhibit of original abstract acrylics by Nancy Kula at Mercy Hospital Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10th Street Entrance from April 2-May 7, 9AM-9PM every day. Information about the paintings is below the photo gallery.

These are original abstract acrylics by Nancy Kula. These diptych and triptych paintings are inspired by Iowa Skies and Monet paintings.

The Monet series was inspired by pieces in the permanent collection at the Art Institute of Chicago or from the Claude Monet 1840-1926 exhibit held at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1995. Nancy took her high school art students over the span of thirty years to visit the Art Institute and many of their special exhibits, including the 1995 Monet exhibit.

Nancy used the highest quality acrylic pigments (lightfastness 1 rating) to create these paintings. She also used various metal foils and mediums to create interesting accents for these works. Two coats of varnish were applied to the surface. The works are framed with pigmented rustic wood.

Nancy Kula, a local, state and nationally award-winning teacher, taught art at Anamosa High School for thirty-eight years, birthplace of Grant Wood, painter of American Gothic. Most of her paintings and pottery are based on historical and natural references. A certificate of authenticity is included with each diptych and triptych.

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