So very cultivated!

Planting in last year’s bean field doesn’t take as much preparation as planting in last year’s cornfield. Bean fields don’t have as much trash as a cornfield, as bean plants aren’t as big or as tough as a corn plant. They are less than half the size and don’t have as large of a leaf structure as a corn plant. Less stuff creates less work!

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Preparation is the Key! and Hannah’s Irish Soda Bread

There are several pieces of equipment we use to put in the crop. For planting corn, we use a 9-shank John Deere chisel plow (1996), a 28-foot John Deere soil finisher (1988) and a John Deere 4-row planter (1985). We use three different tractors; a John Deere 4755 (1992), a John Deere 4040 (1980) and a John Deere 4440 (1979).

Planting beans requires all the equipment listed except a 450 John Deere bean drill (2000) is used instead of the corn planter.

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