Welcome to the Farm!

Though the roots of our country are based in agriculture, less than 2% of our current nation’s population lives on a farm. The Farmhouse Style is ingrained in our popular culture. When celebrities try to disengage from the world, they move to the country. 

Let’s all go the country! Back to those roots. 

The vintage recipes featured on this site mostly require only a bowl and a spoon. Real food, real fast, without fuss.

Please sit at our farm table and eat Grandma’s food.

Welcome home!

P.S. I’ve included lots of links because 98% of you (read the stats from the New York Times above) don’t live on a farm and you might want to find out what we use to live like we do. And nope, I don’t make any money from those links. I’m a teacher. I love to educate!