About Lila

There will be essays and poems posted that Lila has written. She’s been published in Lyrical Iowa and has won some 25 Word or Less Contests. (Such as a trip around the world in 1959 and a trip to Paris among other things!) I hope you will enjoy what she has gleaned through the years! Lila was a college graduate at the age of 55 when no one did that. The rest of us already had our degrees, she just wanted it more than all of us. A trail-blazing mother of five.

Lila reads a lot! She has accumulated many a notebook of “Other People’s Thoughts I’ve Tried to Live By”. She has kept notebooks since 1947. That’s bunch of paper! She doesn’t cite every source and I try to research them out before I post. If you know the source, please share.

By the way, Lila is also the source of all of these OLD recipes. She was a recognized by the Pillsbury Bake-Off a million years ago. Pillsbury didn’t know that if Lila is encouraged even a little bit, she goes crazy! And held on to recipes that may encourage a spark. So yep, I’ve gone through box after box after box of paper!